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Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones

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Phones and enjoy hands-free filming. Whether you're biking, hiking, or engaged in any hands-on activity, our magnetic phone holder allows you to capture a first-person perspective effortlessly. No more struggling with manual filming – this mount offers the ideal solution.

  • Hands-Free Filming Anywhere
  • Versatile Compatibility with Different Phones
  • Convenient Adjustability and Freedom
  • Sturdy and Reliable Design
Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones Sale price£37.99

 Capture Incredible Moments with Ease

Film and Record with Unmatched Freedom

Our Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones allows you to securely attach your smartphone, giving you the freedom to capture first-person footage while keeping your hands free. Whether you're biking, hiking, or facing any challenging scenario, this mount ensures you can film effortlessly from your point of view.

Hands-free filming for epic adventures

- Powerful Magnet: The strong magnetic attraction ensures a secure attachment, so you never have to worry about your phone detaching during recording.
- Adjustable and Versatile: Enjoy the perfect perspective with the easily adjustable neck mount, catering to your preferred angle and fit.
- Universal Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various smartphone sizes, our mount works seamlessly with most phones, allowing you to film with ease.

Empowering Creativity, One Adventure at a Time.

Join countless influencers and adventurers who have experienced the game-changing features of our Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones.